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Welcome to my site! I am a new blogger, Influencer/Affiliate Marketing, and Stock Photographer. about writing is not really my skilled because never in my entire life dream to become a writer. never ever be. because I am not good at connected my words or sentences. but I believe practice makes perfect. but I love most sharing spiritual encouragement. but as I am studying and researching. I would love to try now to write even a research base blog. and some of my experience in Parenting, Motherhood, Family, Marriage, Fashion, Travel ( & the cheapest country to shop & to travel), Culture, Foods, Health, Culture, Family, Marriage, Motherhood, Parenting, kids safety, how to handle or take care the baby, Finances or Financial solution, Legit money online, starting a business without a capital, Trending News, and to have a real true friends mom to mom. to those people visit my site. you are welcome to explore and read my simple and most of them are short blogs with photos. thank you for visiting my site. I hope you like it. I will post more also an article research based that can help to my readers. what they are looking for. and again from the bottom of my heart thank you for visiting my site. and thank you for following me. and GOD bless us.